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Mary Loram

Call: 1995

Mary Loram spent the first 17 years of her practice at the Birmingham Bar, before moving to 36, Bedford Row in February 2012. Whilst at Citadel Chambers in Birmingham, she developed a practice in both prosecuting and defending many serious offences, including large scale drug offences, rape and child sexual offences, fraud, serious violence and murder.

Since moving to 36, Bedford Row, Mary has established an equally successful practice on both the South Eastern circuit and the Midland Circuit. She has been involved in cases of murder, attempted murder, fraud, further serious sexual offences and large drug operations. She has continued to use her experience to prosecute and defend in cases where there are vulnerable witnesses and defendants. She is often instructed for her sensitive approach to both the victims of serious sexual offences and to those accused of such crimes.

More recently, Mary has developed her work in the area of fraud, and is adept at reducing “paper–heavy” cases to the real issues. She is often instructed on the basis of her ability to see, and focus on, the real issues in a case and deliver persuasive advocacy as a result.

Mary has been a Grade 4 prosecutor since 2007.



R v Uddin – manslaughter case resulting in a review of the sentence for “single punch manslaughters” by the Court of Appeal;

R v Field  and others – junior in the prosecution of multi–handed conspiracy to murder / murder;

R v Achaheb – prosecution of 17 year old for the attempted murder of his foster carer;

R v Sparkes & others (2015) – prosecution of three defendants for causing the death of a teenager by dangerous driving – involved issues of causation, expert evidence, memory loss and reasons for refusing to give a blood sample;

R v Morris & Smikle (2015) – junior in the prosecution of an aunt and grandmother for the murder of a child and cruelty to other children;


Serious Sexual Offences

R v Webb (2010) – prosecution of man for the rape and abuse of seven female members of his family, over three generations;

R v Major (2013)– prosecution of man for the sexual abuse of two generations of men;

R v Ford (2014) – prosecution of man for sexual abuse via Skype of young boys in the Philippines;

R v Sharman (2014) – defence of former foster–carer for the serious sexual abuse of his former wards;



R v Nasim & others – junior in the prosecution of a large–scale banking fraud involving fraudulent companies and the theft of millions of pounds;

R v Strachan & others (2014) – defence of one of several defendants in trial of “red diesel fraud” and tax fraud – acquittal on main count;

R v Crane (2014–15) – defence of one of a number of women charged with involvement in a pyramid scheme – complex issues of law and fact involved.


Areas of expertise

Crime – Serious and Complex
Direct Access